Building a Sustainable Company


We believe in establishing and maintaining a culture where employees feel they contribute not only to our bottom line, but also to society, both now and in the future.

Our roots of social commitment are anchored by an employee pride to keep American manufacturing in America and to help it grow responsibly.


Supporting the essential working relationship between global markets and our local community is important to us.

While our end products are designed to lay the groundwork for our customers to compete in the global marketplace, we engage our local economy to achieve these ends, and our business model supports this essential initiative.

We prioritize sourcing raw materials, components, and services at a local level. We are committed to ensuring the vitality of our community through responsible practices and forward-thinking action.


Infinity Retail Services strives for continuous improvement both as a leader in lean manufacturing & in reducing our carbon footprint:

Our on-site 150ft tall Endurance wind turbine, and two Sunmodule Plus photovoltaic panel arrays generate 240,000 kWh annually. This is enough to power more than 20 average sized homes!

The IntelliStore robotic storage and retrieval system drives our manufacturing process and is designed to reduce material waste & worker fatigue.

100% LED exterior & interior lighting & motion sensing lights throughout the 156,400 square foot facility.

Heating and cooling efficiency is achieved with insulated shop floors, R38 ceiling, and R25 wall insulation, and divided spaces that allow us to heat zones of the building only as needed.

Energy efficient loading docks to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat infiltration in the summer.

All manufacturing efforts focus on upstream and downstream lean manufacturing.


We strive to provide our clients with a competitive edge using strategic sourcing combined with lean production practices:

Local and global partnerships contribute to our functional designs and focus on quality that are the foundation of the entire project cycle.

Responsible material selections that align with our partners and our clients.

Emphasis on speed to market coupled with unparalleled customer service is supported through our state-of-the-art technology and maintaining long-lasting partnerships.

The backbone of our design process is a focus on product functionality, ease of installation, and finally return on investment. This is achieved by considering multiple product variations when developing every project.

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