Building A Sustainable Company

At Infinity Retail Services, our commitment to operating an ethical, responsible, and successful business is reinforced by our sustainability initiative. This commitment to our clients, ourselves, and future generations fuels our passion to help successfully transform our industry.

Our sustainability model is used to evaluate social, community, environmental and economic metrics to measure our business impact and ethically balance profitability in light of our responsibility to environmental integrity, social justice, and community well-being.


We believe in establishing and maintaining a culture where employees feel that they contribute not only to the bottom line, but to society now and to future generations. The deep roots of social investment are securely attached by an employee pride-pride to keep American industry in America and to help grow it responsibly.


Demonstrating the crucial working relationship between the global markets and the local community is important to us. While our end products are designed to enable our customers to compete in the global marketplace, our strategy is to harness our local economy. Our business model supports this essential initiative. We continue to source raw material, components, and services at a local level. We are committed to ensuring the vitality of our community through responsible practices and forward-thinking action.


Infinity Retail Services is proud to be a leader in lean manufacturing and to be a company that is constantly pursuing to reduce its carbon footprint.

⚬ 150ft tall Endurance wind turbine that supplies up to 120,000 kWh annually
⚬ Automated storage and retrieval system designed to reduce material waste
⚬ Motion sensing lights throughout the 60,000 square foot facility
⚬ 100% LED exterior lighting
⚬ The pursuit of upstream and downstream lean manufacturing
⚬ Two Sunmodule Plus photovoltaic panel arrays representing 50kW
⚬ Chipmunk Bio-Mass Boiler fueled by manufacturing bi-product heats the facility at a rate of 600K BTU/hour


Providing our clients with a competitive edge through local sourcing & lean production practices:

⚬ Local partnerships contribute to the functional design and quality that is tangible during the entire project cycle
⚬ Responsible material selection in a controlled environment that aligns with mutual standards of our partners and our clients
⚬ Speed to market coupled with unparalleled customer service is afforded through our state of the art technology and local long-lasting partnerships
⚬ Monetization of end product ROI based on multiple product variations in practice with every project