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In 2007, Kevin and Wendy Jansen launched a simple yet purposeful journey that would forever change their lives. Their family home became the first headquarters for Infinity Retail Services. With a shared vision of providing extraordinary customer service and using sustainability to guide their direction, the Jansens set out to create something special. Late-night brainstorming sessions fueled the flames of their entrepreneurial spirit transforming their dining-room into a makeshift office and their garage into the first production facility. As the word spread about the success of early projects, an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction, and the ability to solve complex challenges cultivated a loyal customer base. With this momentum, it became evident that a grander stage was needed to showcase their skills as Infinity Retail Services outgrew the cozy confines of the Jansen family home. As 2011 approached, Kevin and Wendy selected the home of their future campus in the eco-industrial park of their hometown, Turtle Lake, WI.

The campus was constructed with the latest in building materials, energy efficiencies, and cutting-edge technology, including one of the first IntelliStore robotic systems installed in the US. From the initial blueprint, the Jansens were fueled by their passion for sustainability and a mission to inspire the team to propel the company into uncharted territories. This initial structure, a 30,000 square foot marvel, along with a 150’ tall wind turbine now stood as a symbol of their commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the future. Over the years, these same principles have helped fuel five expansions which have added solar arrays, as well as more automation to complement the IntelliStore robotic system. With our ongoing capital investments, Infinity Retail Services continues to find new ways to make our customers’ lives easier. As of 2023, our facility has grown to 156,400 total square feet of manufacturing and temperature controlled storage, and has become an integral part of the Turtle Lake community.

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We purposefully designed a configurable production floor creating a highly adaptable space to support the manufacturing flow and minimize set up time.”


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